Holding space


When I work with a dog, I create a ‘space’ – a space of trust for the dog to ‘just be’ and experience. I acknowledge the interconnectedness of body, mind and emotions.

By ‘space’ I’m referring to conscious space, I bring my entire presence to the dog. I take a walk with the dog on their inner journey without judgement, without intellectualising or needing to impact the outcome. I give my heart, let go of control and offer unconditional support.

From an inner stillness, I can connect with the dog at a deeper level where understanding is beyond words. In essence it is the dog’s customised experience in that particular moment.

The beautiful book with the perfect title­ – The Zen of Touch by Gwyn Williams bears a quote “Strip back the unconscious layers, dissolve the doubts that prevent you from being your boundless being”. How appropriate.