Book Reviews

Following are three book reviews as featured in the 100th issue of Holistic Bliss Magazine, April 2018.


Zen Dogs.jpg

Zen Dogs

AUTHOR Alex Cearns

RRP: $24.99 Available directly from

You can’t help but smile and spend a meditative moment soaking up the tranquillity on the faces of eighty Zen Dogs featured in Alex Cearns beautiful coffee table book.

Inspired by Suzi the Shar-pei who was captured on film with her eyes gently closed and a contented smile, Perth based animal photographer Alex decided to capture more Zen moments.

Alex explains that a truly Zen worthy expression only happens when she and the dog are in sync. In that moment nothing else matters.

With words of wisdom added from many spiritual masters, Zen Dogs reminds us that dogs have the power to enrich our lives.



Animals in Translation

AUTHOR Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson

RRP: $31.95

I had many aha moments when I read this book. The author, Temple Grandin is an American professor of animal science, a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behaviour, and autism spokesperson. She is one of the first individuals on the autism spectrum to publicly share her personal insights and experience of autism.

This book offers an absorbing insight into animal love, friendship, communication, pain, fear, aggression and more, based on the fact that people with autism can often think and experience the sensory world the same way that animals do.


The Dharma of Dogs.jpeg

The Dharma of Dogs

An anthology edited by Tami Simon

RRP: $26.99

This is a wonderful plunge of exploration into how our best friends can be our spiritual teachers. Compiling thirty one essays and photos from well-known spiritual teachers and writers, Tami Simon brings together an array of life lessons that our dogs make available to us. Sharing stories from Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Chris Grosso and others, will have you exploring such themes as unconditional love, connecting with nature, facing our fears, and much more. It may even have you considering the dharma or virtues that you have experienced and learnt from your own interactions with dogs.