For example, as our dogs age they tend to slow down, exercise less, become stiff and shield themselves from pain. They also experience atrophy or degeneration of the hair, skin, fascia and muscles.

A Senior Dog Massage will address the signs of aging using PetMassage™ techniques such as vectoring, assessment strokes, skin rolling, joint mobilisation, fascia scratching, cupping and rocking. Furthermore, it enhances the dog’s immune system, increases circulation, increases flexibility in the joints, supports and promotes healthy muscle tone and supports the nervous system. All-in-all this these make for a happier more relaxed and active senior dog.

So, it makes good sense to safeguard and support your dog’s well-being with a specialised massage session.

Typically the massage session last 30 - 40 minutes, but please allow an hour. In-house value $65.

Zen Dog Massage complements many veterinary and holistic treatments, and is a totally natural and heartfelt massage.


Relaxation Massage ─ perfect for showing your dog how much you care.


Your dog will experience a full range of PetMassage™ techniques to suit their personality and body type. This massage often relaxes the dog to a point where they fall asleep.


Senior Dog Massage ─ a supportive massage to address the signs of aging including flexibility, degeneration and stiffness.

Understanding that senior dogs often feel vulnerable due to their inability to physically respond in challenging situations (fight or flight response) this massage session is carefully structured with the dog’s safety and trust in mind.


Rescue Dog Massage ─ a massage to regain trust and confidence in mankind.

A heartfelt, intuitive massage that unfolds within the boundaries acceptable to the dog. Sometimes the sensation of touch can be overwhelming triggering deep memories. While other times the security and warmth of human hands can offer a sense of safety rebuilding lost trust.

This massage is about exploring the dog’s limits safely, while slowly introducing the foundation PetMassage™ techniques.

PetMassage™ has been used in humane societies in the United States to assist dogs on their journey back to trust. Often after a massage the dogs will exhibit improved social behaviour and human acceptance, making it easier for them to be adopted into their forever homes sooner.


Sporting Dog Warm-up Massage

A warm up session for the dog’s muscle tissues before sporting events or competitions with a view to optimizing movement and gait, while preventing injury.


Sporting Dog Cool-down Massage

A cool down massage after a sporting event or extreme exertion to help strained muscle tissue recover and assist with toxic chemical elimination.



Show Dog Massage

A preshow massage designed to enhance the dog’s individuality and self-carriage, with a view to optimizing overall show ring performance and charisma.

A massage tailored to the dogs breed conformation, functionality, energy level and show ring expectation.