Reds response to Vivienne was very noticeable, he seemed to be a lot more relaxed and was able to climb the stairs with much more confidence. His sleep has improved and his rear legs are much more inline when he walks

G Sheppard   (Red is a 14 year old Australian Cattle Dog)


Proving how “mobile” Zen Dog Massage can be, we were privileged to experience Vivienne’s skills over a 12 week period. Rapper, Solace & Cloud are my Golden Retrievers, who were obviously relaxed during their regular massages and they made no attempt to walk away at any time. Thank you Vivienne, we recommend you to all those lucky Aussie dogs

A Smith (UK)


Brandy is an emotionally difficult dog due to her early life in a puppy farm. I have tried many approaches to settle her, even bringing in an animal behaviourist who told me she had brain damage. Vivienne’s awareness of her problems and slow and gentle handling have reassured Brandy that she is safe. She is more positive after her massage

Rhonda L   (Brandy is a 12 year old Toy Poodle)


Honey’s response to my commands have improved. I think it’s because she is more relaxed. Her fear of storms is still there but I think she has improved somewhat. Honey accepts people into the yard much quicker and is not as stand offish as she was

Darlene S   (Honey is a 4 year Staffy)


Lewis really enjoyed his massage and so did I! Vivienne massaged Lewis but she massaged my soul. The look of bliss on Lewis’s face is priceless

Monique V   (Lewis is a 4 year old rescue Pug x King Charles Spaniel)


Coco is very timid but also very active despite problems with her spine. Vivienne managed to settle her, which is not easy as she loves being picked up and cuddles

Ross L   (Coco is a 10 year old Toy Poodle)